UK customers more likely to visit pubs following smoking ban

Smoking ban in the UK was implemented in 2007. Since then one-fifth of customers appear visiting pubs more often, in accordance with a new study in which about 5,000 people took part.

Market Force Information, customer intelligence company, asked 4,817 customers form the UK to reveal how frequent they are going to pubs.

Smoking Pub

Smokers outside the club

It revealed that 5 years on from the implementation of the smoking ban, 22.4 per cent of participants said that they become frequent customers in pubs. Of those 22.4 per cent, 92 per cent were those who did not smoke.

Meantime, since smoking ban introduction, 70 per cent of parents are more likely to be not afraid of taking their kids to the pub with them than they were before.

Only 10.3 per cent of those pollee said that they were visiting pubs rarely following the ban.

Tim Ogle, Europe chief executive at Market Force, said that owners of the pubs have been affected by the economic decline.

He added five years ago, when the smoking ban was introduced, people expressed their negative reaction to such ban, but now it has had a positive influence on the pub income. Publicans do need to be aware of the positioning of their smoking zones as the study found that 37.4 per cent of potential visitors intensively do not go to the pubs where crowds of people smoking near the entrance. That means the decline in pub’s earning and the sector should know these concerns and be sure that they continue to have an inclusive and welcoming service to all visitors.

Market Force Information ‘s survey as well revealed that three-quarters of smoking people consider that it is necessary to improve smoking areas in order to customers feel comfort there.

Ogle added that pub companies and owners of pubs made essential investments when the smoking ban was implemented, but results of the survey have demonstrated that smokers are still interested in better smoking zones such as cover and seating. It is important for publicans to be aware of the needs of their smoking clients and keep their designated zones well in good conditions.

According to the Market Force’s survey, the smoking ban has been good news. It revealed that two out of three smokers accepted that they had attempts to give up smoking and half of those have achieved success.

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