UK: Should Smoking be Banned at Outdoor Areas?

Smoking in Park

Dame Sally Davies, top medical officer in England, told that use of tobacco should be banned at kid’s playgrounds and parks.

She welcomes anti-smoking measures aimed at reduction of active smoking and expecially the ones that protect kids from secondhand smoke exposure. She talks about the importance of creating more smoke-free areas in the cities.

She expressed her opinion on anti-tobacco initiatives when she was asked what she thinks about the idea to prohibit cigarettes use outside restaurants and bars.

According to the Royal Society for Public Health, there is a need to create designated areas in parks and near schools so that smokers could have places to light up.

Dame Sally Davies told that smoke-free policies are being introduced in a number of places, for example, at kids playgrounds. All these initiatives are welcome because they help to reduce active smoking and make it unacceptable in the society.

The English Government at the moment has no plans to ban smoking in open spaces. However, authorities of citoes and towns may adopt such policies on the local level.

Eight years ago smoking was banned inside clubs, pubs and other public buildings, and now anti-smoking activists want the ban to be expanded to outdoor areas. It is more likely that in these conditions smokers will give their habit up.

However, smokers say that they will continue to smoke and buy cigarettes online.

Experts conclude that banning smoking in public spaces prevents young people from picking up the habit, because they do not smoking examples from adults and start considering tobacco as something inacceptable.

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