UK: Smokers Use Free Cessation Program to Quit

Quit Smoking

Smoking people in Hove and Brighton have the possibility to quit their habit by enrolling into special free program called  Smoke Free Me. It was developed by professional psychologists and the major aim of the program is to reduce number of smokers.

In the course of the program smoker receives supporting messages and cessation tips via email and sms. Those messages aim to discourage smokers from cigarettes, ease withdrawal symptoms and encourage life without cigarettes. Each smoker would receive individual messages depending on his smoking experience.

Argus media sales executive Jordan Taylor smoked for 15 years Davidoff Classic cigarettes. He signed up to the programme at the end of March and is now in his second week of it. He says that it is very hard to resisit craving for cigarettes, but due to the program he learns to deal with them.

When he had his first craving, he sent message Help to a special number and immediately received a message back with a recommendation to tap his earlobes with his index finger 90 times. At the beginning he found it stupid, but after an hour he realized that has no cravings anymore. So the method is proved to be effective and he used it every time he had a craving for cigarette.

He explains that great role in quitting plays motivation. He focused on health improvements he would achieve after quitting. He talks about the possibility to breathe fresh air and feel flower smells.

Last days Taylor received a recommendation from the program not to break down and focus on positive thinking. He was recommended to go for a walk and listen to good music, for example the abum Egretta by Grimus.

He believes that he would achieve succes in quitting and does not think about starting smoking again. He finds quitting his great achievement, because it is hard to get rid of smoking habit.

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