Unlawful Tobacco Products

We have control over what we are eating and drinking and should have the privilege of breathing clean air. We should not only ban smoking Classic cigarettes everywhere, but make all tobacco products illegal.

If the states are allowing it for tax purposes, weigh the revenue against the suffering and medical expenses. Where is the profit?

The letter to the editor on July 25 by Tom Gwin (“Smokers infringe on others’ rights”) is excellent. The letter of July 26 by Terry Weaver is not logical.

Unlawful Tobacco Products

Unlawful Tobacco Products

You can’t compare drinking with tobacco. Both are harmful but alcohol does not have the stifling, stinking aroma. I have no connections with bars or grills but I do encounter the smothering air when I get out of my car at the grocery parking lot. Someone has always just filled the air with smoke, and it is impossible to dodge. I can’t hold my breath long enough to avoid it. Just that exposure smothers me and gives me a headache.

If your lungs could talk, they would be crying out, “Why are you punishing me and wasting your money?” What have you accomplished by pulling this detrimental polluted aroma into your body and blowing it back out?

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