USA: Smoking Ban Affects Positively Businesses


Those who support smoking ban say that it anyhow will have a financial impact on businesses. However, different studies show different results. Michelle and Steve Margulies, the owners of Pappy’s Grill & Pub in St. Joseph, Missouri, consider that going smoke-free was the best decision they ever made.

Two years ago they banned smoking at their  establishment and have seen an increase by 17% in business. The first two weeks were the busiest but they worked hardly.

Steve says that people still thank them for banning smoking. Generally this decision was personal and professional. He analyzed the issue from both sides and says that like other business owners, he dislikes when authorities dictate him what to do. Bot from other side, he dislikes smoking. Besides this, he considers that smoking ban supporters have a personal interest in that business.  Mr. Margulies wants to see St. Joseph city more beautiful and clean.

Ms. Margulies says that when people call the restaurant, most frequently they ask if smoking in restaurant is allowed and what is the maximum number of people it may accomodate.

At the beginning, Mr. Margulies with his wife were afraid to go smoke-free because they could not predict the consequences for their business. Usually people who come to their establishment want to relax and to smoke, and the owners were afraid to lose their clients.

Business owners who are afraid to lose their business usually take in consideration opinion of smokers but not one of non-smokers. That is the main problem.

In 2013 several St. Joseph businesses have decided to become smoke-free. Business owners say that generally it affected them positively and they gained more than they lost. Workers are happy, and people just go outside to smoke cigarettes. It is very important that employees work in a smoke-free environment as it helps to create a healthy environment for them.

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