Uzbekistan has banned the sale of tobacco or alcohol to persons under 20 years

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a law that prohibits the sale of tobacco or alcohol to persons under the age of 20 years, correspondent BakuToday .

Act on restrictions on the distribution and consumption of alcohol and tobacco products “was adopted by the lower House of Parliament, approved by the Senate June 27, 2011-August 26, 2011, and will enter into force six months after the date of its official publication-April 7, 2011 year.

The sale of tobacco is banned in Uzbekistan.

The sale of tobacco is banned in Uzbekistan.

The law obliges the seller to require the younger buyer proof of his age, and in his absence to refuse the sale of goods. The new law prohibits smoking and to drink alcohol in public places and workplaces. Black listed as health, education and recreation facilities.

The law also prohibits advertising of tobacco products and spirits, that is, action aimed at disseminating in overt or covert form of ideas, attitudes and artistic images that encourage the use of alcohol and tobacco products makers in person about their safety.

The legislation also introduces and tightening measures on the labelling of alcohol and tobacco: in particular, the fuzzy label on the product can be an occasion to recall. In addition, manufacturers of tobacco and alcohol products are now required to post no less than 40% of the area labels medical warning of the dangers of smoking and alcohol.

As already reported BakuToday, in 2008, Uzbekistan signed the law on amending and supplementing the code of administrative liability, according to which on the whole territory of the Republic introduced strong sanctions for smoking in public transport. In addition, Uzbekistan has banned retail realization of tobacco and alcohol products, including beers, through trade objects located within a radius of less than 500 meters from educational institutions and religious organizations. Moreover, in September 2010, came into force a law providing for a total ban on tobacco advertising, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages of any fortress.

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