«Vogue» : Experimenting with design

A notable player of segment of thin cigarettes – «Vogue» brand – continues to experiment with the design of one of the subfamilies («Vogue Ephemere»). Ephemeris appeared in the market at spring of 2007. They were in the form of black and white couples in appearance and cooling-heating to taste and with exorbitant price at that time. Now “ephemeris” undergo a second redesign.

Vogue Lilas Cigarettes

Vogue Lilas Cigarettes

Now it was replaced by a new version. Firstly, the design for a pack in appearance of “snake skin” has been suggested a long time ago, especially for the format of ladies cigarettes. The idea was in the air, but the developers of British American Tobacco caught her first. There is no doubt, the imitators follow. Secondly, it is again not just a picture, but the work of the famous designer. The very fact of attracting of famous designer to develop packaging deserves approval and encouragement. It is still one of the ways to support the industry’s image at a time when millions of dollars were spent to discredit it. By the way, the designer of the last version of “Ephemera” was also great. Thirdly, it is worth noting that the new design that this is final departure from the black-white pairing, which has already become a bit banal among abundance of paired marks in black and white composition. And departure was conducted in two steps: it happened wittingly or unwittingly, but nobody can refuse subtleties of the authors.

A strange black and white competition of several brands will remain in the history of tobacco marketing, but «Vogue» is ephemeral, because the idea of the subfamily has been clearly in something else that has shown its continued development.

In any case, many ladies will love the new snake packs. But others, who are inclined to engineering sciences, or related to the packaging or printing, will appreciate as well the graceful motion with the application of the image of “scales” on the board and polypropylene film. May be this is a trifle, but such trifles made the greatness of the brand: it is impossible not to notice this, but possible to speak, even without understanding in the technology press. It is done with concern for the impression produced by a pack to the consumer … The only pity is that this design also, probably, will literally be ephemeral and will soon be replaced by another, more intricate and from the great designer. Or maybe not … In any case, it will be reported. People can talk endlessly about new cigarettes, but there are still novelties in the market of non-cigarette tobacco products.

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