Vogue Ephemere in New Design

In the new spring-summer 2009 season the Vogue cigarette brand presented updated design of the pack of exclusive series of Les Éphémères cigarettes: Vogue Éphémère Clair and Vogue Éphémère Obscur. The magic of optical illusions created by modern French designer Etienne Bardelli reflects the artist’s view on the current trends. French artist Etienne Bardelli is also known as Etienne Bardelli aka Akroe. The main motives for the perfecting of Vogue Éphémère Clair and Vogue Éphémère Obscur were optical illusions, in which Etienne Bardelli according to the rest of his works, is an expert.

Vogue Ephemere cigarettes by Etienne Bardelli

Vogue Ephemere cigarettes by Etienne Bardelli

Twice a year the talented French artists create new exclusive series of Vogue Éphémère.

Like the works of modern art, each series carries a wonderful story and a creative vision of current trends. Each renewal of a series of Les Éphémères cigarettes is a new proposal, new taste and new design.

Each new image of Les Éphémères cigarettes is not only a new design, but also correspondence to current trends of the season. Les Éphémères cigarettes have their own history and style.

This is the second series of Vogue Ephemere. The first was submitted in December 2008, which represents “African” theme in the design of Jean-Pierre Ollier.

The main motive of Éphémère III was fascinating illusions, geometry of space and spectacular hypnotic images. Being inspired by the charm of attractive and alluring French chic, the designer managed to create intriguing images like no other that have managed to embody his vision of the brand.

The eccentric Parisian Etienne Bardelli aka Akroe is known for his unconventional vision of style. He started his artistic career with graffiti art, and today his works are often seen at various exhibitions in France and other European countries.

The unique creations of the Etienne Bardelli aka Akroe fascinate and attract as if inviting people to enter the world of his ever-changing fantasy. They consist in an endless game of space and color that create optical illusions around.

Intriguing the spectator, Etienne Bardelli wants to involve him in the creative process. The doors of his studio are always open to all comers. Rigorous and exciting, compelling and magnificent harmony that affects everyone, who is able to see it in this colorful whirl, is hidden under hypnotic imagery and deceptively complex beauty.

Vogue Éphémère Series is designed for those people who appreciate contemporary art and seeks to understand the inspiration of talented French artists. Immerse yourself in the whirlwind of optical illusions along with exclusive packs of Vogue Éphémère Clair and Vogue Éphémère Obscur.

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