Want some fascinating interesting smoking statistics & facts?

We present to you here a couple of smoking statistics & facts that we consider relevant to smokers and non-smokers alike. They are purely for informational and educational purposes. The idea of presenting these smoking statistics and smoking facts is not to scare you but provide undeniable information that you may use for research purposes or motivate you, if you are on a journey to kick the smoking habit.

Smoking girl

Smoking girl

  • China has the world largest population, but that huge country doesn’t stop there with that record. They also have probably the biggest chunk of smokers in one geographical location. China has about 301 million smokers who smoke about 1.7 trillion cigarettes annually. Put in another way, the Chinese smokers actually light up 3 million cigarettes per minute.
  • I’m pretty sure that shocking smoking fact  about cigarettes would make the tobacco companies love the China market, because it is big business for them. Even better news for the tobacco companies (if you call it that), is that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention also report that 84% of those current smokers are not planning to give up smoking just yet. Sad, isn’t it?
  • It is calculated that up to 100 million Chinese men may be killed by smoking-related diseases before their 30th birthday.
  • All over the world, 1.1 billion of us smoke as of today, a number that may rise in future to around 1.6 billion towards the 2025 year mark. Now that’s a scary smoking fact about cigarettes.
  • We consume about 10 million cigarettes a minute the world over, with 5 trillion cigarettes manufactured and sold every year.
  • Cigarette smoke does contain benzene and benzene has been shown to be associated with myeloid leukaemia.
  • The filters in the cigarette do a very good job of protecting smokers from the potentially harmful doses of the nicotine in each cigarette, as only a quarter  or less of the nicotine in the cigarette is inhaled into smokers lungs.
  • Manufactured cigarettes are thought to have ambergris as an additive and hydrogen cyanide may be produced in the burning process in the cigarette smoke.
  • Here is a chilling, scary smoking statistic – 50 percent of people who smoke for 20 years or more will die from a tobacco-related disease. We are talking 1 in 2 individuals here folks.
  • Sadly, 20 percent of young teenagers are picking up the stinking habit and joining the smokers club all over the world. Unless we do something serious about that smoking fact, it is clear this unhealthy habit is going to be perpetuated for several decades or centuries.
  • Secondhand smoke is just as dangerous as firsthand, as the smoke comes with numerous harmful toxins.
  • Disappointingly, only a quarter of adult smokers are convinced lung cancer, heart attack and stroke can be caused by smoking.

At this point these smoking facts and statistics should convince you that the smoking habit is just a surefire way of setting yourself up for future health problems, even for family members who have no choice but to put with your smoking habit whilst they inhale your secondhand smoke. Selfish, don’t you think?

Start doing something about it today!

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