Why People Smoke?

According to the latest statistics, the majority of people take up cigarettes when they are in their teens and by reaching adulthood they are already addicted to nicotine. Surely, sometimes everybody wanted to give up smoking however it is not an easy issue as a nicotine addiction is a great problem which requires high efforts to get rid of. Frequently those, who have tried to stop smoking, returned to cigarettes. It is a habit that is very difficult to quit.

Woman Smoking

Woman smoking a cigarette

There are many various reasons why people take up smoking. Three main reasons why rising generation and youth start smoking: 1. They want to look more mature; 2. They want to be like their smoking friends that positioned themselves as cool and sexy people; 3. They just want to try cigarettes. As youth see their parents, fiends or older people all around them smoking, particularly their relatives, they want to be like them and act like them. If their friends or peers light up a cigarette, they try to do the same in order to be accepted and not to be pressured, ignored. The last reason is the wish of experimenting with something that is forbidden. It happens frequently especially with young people. Massachusetts has the law that prohibits anyone under 18 years old to smoke. As a rule, parents do not permit their children to smoke, at any age, however teens seldom hold by parents’ advices. Moreover, smoking becomes increasingly attractive. Young people consider exciting and appealing to get cigarettes and puff away without being caught.

However, the reasons for smoking in adult people are different. One of the most popular reasons for smoking is big stress and pressure due to financial and personal problems. It may include unemployment, work with low salary or working but not making enough money to take care of themselves and their families. They may not have a personal house, or they may have problems with alcohol or cocaine/heroin addictions. Some may have bad relationships that may lead to smoking initiation in non-smokers and chain smokers will light up more cigarettes than they did before. All these situations make people start smoking. However, people feel relaxed while smoking or feel that cigarettes give them energy while going through a hard time.

Some people smoke to control their weight. It is independent of their age. Smokers, on the average, weigh seven pounds less than non-smokers. Smoking can reduce a person’s appetite and lessens his/her sense of taste and smell. This can be the main reason why those who have quitted smoking gained weight after quitting cigarettes.

Finally, there are many people who simply say that they love smoking. They enjoy smoking. It just makes them feel good.

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